Finally, My GMAIL now is IMAP Enabled


After waiting quite sometime, finally my GMAIL now is IMAP enabled. Can’t wait to use the feature. By using IMAP I can manage my email easily, creating folder (or label in gmail web based) from my email client. No need to go to the web based one. Nice huh !

How about yours? Has it IMAP ready?
I do hope so … 😉

ps: If you want to learn more about IMAP on Gmail, you can surf this page.

  1. Luthfi says:

    lho, emang itu cuman buat akun ttt ya?
    *blm ngecek*

  2. husni says:

    Sounds interesting… :)

  3. @all:
    Ada penjelasan resmi dari Google:

    The Google Apps Newsletter: October 2007
    New features

    IMAP for Gmail

    The Gmail team is thrilled to announce the launch of IMAP support for Gmail, which lets you use your Google Apps email at work, in your car, or just about anywhere, on any device, while keeping information synced across all devices so that whatever you do in one place shows up everywhere else you might access your email. Instead of using POP, which isn’t able to sync changes made made on other devices with your online email, now you can configure IMAP for your account and enjoy the improved experience.

  4. husni says:

    Pak… di settings google saya tidak ada IMAP nya, cuman POP aja… Aneh… Udah saya send feedback ke google

  5. husni says:

    After waiting quite sometime, finally my GMAIL now is IMAP enabled…………

    Pak, link IMAP-nya kurang http:// :)

    udah tak perbaiki

  6. Dhika says:

    ni abis baca newsletter pagi ini ya? :)
    yang lebih keren adalah google docs buat mobilenya, koyone cool abis *belum nyobain sih…

  7. donnyreza says:

    yah, tetep aja kalau masih ngandalin warnet kayak saya mah…:D

  8. yudie ardiansyah says:

    gmail sekarang bisa push email gratis, itu tuh kita nerima email kaya nerima sms, kalo ada email masuk hp kita bunyi kaya nerima sms nggak harus dicek kaya POP3 atau dicek ke warnet. GRATIS lagi tidak ada biaya langganannya. caranya pake aplikasi emoze di ponsel symbian, kalo kawan kawan butuh info silahkan email ke GRATIS

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