Test your Internet Speed

If you would like to know, how fast is your Internet accessing my domain. You can open this address


Then click on Load XPeedoMeter Internet Speed Test Here.
The result will be vary, but as a comparison, I can access my website in a speed of 700kbps which equal to 87.5 kByte per second, or you can download 1 MByte of file in 12 seconds from my server.

Any result given in comment will be appreciated. I just want to know, whether my web hosting now is reliable or not. Thank you.

  1. Iyan says:


    Di tempat saya yg pertama 2 KBps, yg kedua 6 KBps

    Laporan Selesai!

    hiks…apa kurang kenceng di IIX ya :(

  2. Yan, aksesnya dari mana? PSN ya?

  3. jenos says:

    204 ama 25 pak

    akses dr mana hayo coba tebak dulu pak 😛

    dari FTI UII kan ??? 😛

  4. Luthfi says:


    wah, luthfi baru pelit komen nih :(

  5. edi_nc says:

    22kbps/3kBps Ndri…
    Yah, lumayan lah, for the cost of Rp 0,4/kB..

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